Saturday, January 9, 2010


damien rice - eskimo

Damien Rice is a singer-songwriter from County Kildare, Ireland. In March 1999 Damien moved to Tuscany, then travelled around Europe, busking the streets. He arrived back in Dublin a year later, with a clear head and full of ideas. He approached his music with a new found freshness and decided to put some songs down on record. His grandmother told him he had a distant cousin in London in the music business. Borrowing money from those that would lend it, he recorded his demo and sent it off to his cousin, renowned producer and film composer, David Arnold (Björk, James Bond). Arnold liked what he heard and provided enough money for Damien to buy his own mobile studio.
Damien Rice formerly sang with Lisa Hannigan and released his debut solo album, O, in Ireland in early 2002. In July 2002 O was released in the UK and it received widespread critical acclaim. In June 2003 O was released in the USA and Europe, with Rice appearing on The Letterman Show and receiving more acclaim from publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek and The Boston Globe.
He gained further popularity after some of his most famous songs were included in the media. An example of this is "9 Crimes" used in the soundtrack of the summer blockbuster Shrek Three and "The Blower's Daughter" was featured in the movie Closer.

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